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Newly-Formed Trident Motion Technologies Brings Customized Powered Motion Solutions to Mid-size OEMs

LaVergne, TN – May 16, 2017 – Trident Motion Technologies (TMT) is a newly-formed global powered motion solutions provider. Trident Motion brings together three companies – American Control Electronics, HTI Technology and Klauber Machine and Gear – to provide OEMs with a complete range of powered motion and mechanism solutions. The company is focused on serving smaller and mid-sized OEMs that have been, due to their volume, limited in their options for customized products.

 “Traditionally, mid-market OEMs have had to work around standard products because their volume didn’t warrant the cost of developing application-specific solutions,” said John Paul, CEO and President, Trident Motion. “The combination of our three business units allows Trident Motion to offer the highest quality integrated and customized products at a competitive cost.”

Trident Motion has engineering, sales, and production capabilities both in the US and in company-owned operations in China, allowing the company to offer the advantages of both local support/responsiveness and cost effectiveness.


Trident Motion products include AC and DC motors, electric drives and controls, gear motors and other components through its business units:  

  • American Control Electronics (ACE)– Electronic drives and controls solutions. Headquartered in South Beloit, IL.
  • HTI Technology – Global producer of AC synchronous brushed and brushless DC motors, gear motors and motorized assemblies for. Headquartered in LaVergne, TN.
  • Klauber Machine and Gear –Gear motors with a wide range of fractional horsepower gear motors. Headquartered in Pacific, MO.