Our Company

Trident Motion Technologies is a global powered motion solutions provider.  At Trident Motion, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to understand their needs and craft complete application-specific powered motion solutions to meet those needs.  By designing and producing a broad range of DC and AC motors to provide prime mover options, AC and DC gearmotors to reduce motor speed and increase output torque, and AC and DC electronic drives and controls to dynamically vary motor speed and reduce energy consumption, we are the preferred customer choice to provide complete and integrated powered motion systems.  This “one-stop” capability allows our customers’ engineers to not worry about integrating these different technologies, freeing them to focus on their overall equipment design.  

Trident Motion has engineering, sales and production capabilities both in the US, and in company owned operations in China.  This allows Trident Motion to offer local support and responsiveness to our customers, while also providing the advantage of global quality systems and cost competitiveness.  Trident Motion Technologies was formed by combining the capabilities of several strong US based businesses; HTI Technology, American Control Electronics, and Klauber Machine & Gear.
HTI Technology - Headquartered in Nashville, TN, is a global company that produces AC, DC and Brushless DC motors, gear motors, and motorized assemblies for appliance, industrial, water purification, entry access, agriculture, recreation and other end markets.  With operations in the US and Asia, HTI serves a global customer base with motors and mechanisms that are custom designed to meet their customers’ demanding applications, and manufactured with strict quality control systems. 

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American Control Electronics -  Located in South Beloit, IL, American Control Electronics (ACE) has over 60 years of experience providing electronic drives and controls solution.  ACE markets a wide variety of AC & DC control systems and power products under the ACE and Minarik Drives brand names for industrial, commercial, electric vehicle, medical, and home automation markets. 

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Klauber Machine and Gear - Founded in the 1950’s, Klauber moved to its Pacific, MO location and began focusing on producing high quality gearmotors in 1985.  Klauber has a large range of fractional horsepower catalog gearmotors that are designed to maximize flexibility in sourcing AC or DC powered units.  Both parallel and right angle output shaft styles are available with AC or DC motors.  Klauber routinely customizes gear motors to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

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